The Bailout

The Bailout FINAL v2.1


The Credit Crunch was just the start.

The bank bailouts never solved the problems. When the banks crashed again in 2012, the shock waves led to countries and even continents failing.

When the Britain collapsed along with the rest of Europe, a Far-East Consortium’s offer to bailout Britain leaves small-town newspaper journalist Rob wondering what the cost will be.

After food riots the new police state grows stronger. Finding other sympathisers, Rob prints his own newspaper telling the truth about the consortium and is taken with four other dissidents to a labour camp. When the vehicle they’re travelling in crashes, they escape and run. Eventually recaptured, they’re taken to a labour camp and find out the real price of the Consortium’s bailout.


The Bailout is a post-credit crunch dystopia set in 2012.


Available at

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